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    Strange remoting behaviour

      Dear friends,
      I've face a strange problem. I have a swf file compiled with Flex2.01. It calls a remote cfc and shows some destinations on map: ( http://aregak.beforego.info/index.cfm?objectid=DA37CC3D-3FFA-DEDF-9912769F1B2C5B33).
      The problem is that it works great on some of computers, but on others it fails showing:
      faultString:'Send Failed'
      NetConnection.Call.Failed:HTTP:Failed: url:' http://aregak.before.info/flex2gateway'
      Today i've discovered that i have same problem in my Opera browser. So now in FireFox2 and IE7 it does well, on Opera 9 it fails. I've got latest plugin, but it doesnt help.
      Another strange thing i've got into now is that if i build my application locally and then paste the local link to Opera it appears to work ok and accessing remote cfc with no problem.
      What may cause this?
      Thanks in advance,