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    getting a form item to load first in target page

    ranger Level 1

      according to ben forta who i met many years ago, cf loads the complete page and then does functions in a particular order. i.e. includes, queries, etc.


      my problem is that i am sending over a unique identifer in the formset that is needed in an include on each page of my cart (i don't use cookies or sessions and don't want to get into that).


      what i want to know is if there is a way to force cf 10 to look at form. items first. the page needs that number or the include (header.cfm) crashes.


      i also have that issue with cfabort where cf does a lot of functions before it recognizes that tag which can really foul up things if a variable isn't there.


      site needs to be pci compliant


      tnx in advance,