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    authorize.net and direct post

    ranger Level 1

      i am rebuilding a new client's cart to be pci compliant (far from it now lol) and i called authorize.net tech support and the person was talking about what i though was a formstet or app in my cc page that was literally connected to a/n's site and i never need to work with cc data at all. it returns the standard string, i think, to a specified page on my clients site.


      he said it was called "direct post" but when i read the documentation it sounded like what the site has and i use on other client sites where you post to a page on your site all the data and convert to X_ tags and ship it via https to authorize net.


      i don't think the person was quite sure what he was talking about and was wondering if any of you have had experience with a direct connection (pipe) to authorize.net for transactions.


      i put site on a hosted cf10 pci compliant cloud server.


      i don't like dealing with cc data on the site. makes me nervous and a/n can be a pain.


      tnx in advance