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    Premiere Pro CS 6 video playback on timeline stops randomly

    natswilson Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I really hope that someone can shed some light on a particularly annoying bug that I'm experiencing with Premiere Pro.


      The problem

      The problem I have is that randomly, when I play my timeline, the video playback will stop. Sometimes it's after a 1/2 a second, sometimes it's after 10 seconds. There doesn't seem to be any consistency with when the bug occurs and I can sometimes use my computer for a number of hours without the problem occuring at all, other times it occurs all the time and there is nothing I can do to stop it happening, making my edit environment unusable. The problem isn't specific to a single Premiere Pro project and it isn't specific to any particular video format. You'll appreciate that this is a bit of a nightmare problem if you're working with a client when it occurs.


      I've Googled the problem and searched Adobe Forums and Creative Cow and haven't come up with a solution for the problem


      Here is a video I uploaded to youtube which shows exactly what I'm talking about: http://youtu.be/2HEOPiVbY-k



      My setup

      Premiere Pro 6.0.4 as part of CS6

      I'm using a new, powerful laptop which shouldn't have any problem with playback from a power point of view, here is the exact specification of my machine which is an Asus U500VZ:



      What I've tried

      • Different projects - it occurs across multiple projects
      • Different video formats - it occurs across multiple video formats
      • Different hard discs - it occurs whether using an external disc (different types tried) or the internal SSD
      • Rendering the audio on the timeline and / or rendering the video on the timeline before playback
      • Turning CUDA hardware accelleration on and off
      • Reverting to the default Microsoft audio driver and re-installing the Realtek driver that came with the computer
      • Un-installing power saving modes that came with the computer
      • Re-installing CS6 from scratch
      • Turning the audio off for the track I'm playing (by clicking the speaker icon next to the audio track)
      • Setting audio AISO to min or max buffer size with 32bit playback on or off.
      • Swapping playback between Adobe DV and Adobe desktop audio
      • Re-booting my computer and ensuring no other applications are running



      I can stop the problem happening by unlinking and deleting the audio track for the video I'm playing back - but obviously this isn't much use. Conversely if I unlink the audio and delete the video then the problem still occurs when only the audio is playing back in the timeline, which to me says I need to be looking at audio problems.


      Here is a link to a post by someone having a similar problem 5 years ago - unfortunately there is no answer to the problem: http://2.adobe-premiere-pro-win2.overzone.net/playing-back-timeline-stops-by-itself-t92.ht ml




      If anyone can shed some light on this problem or offer ideas for other things to try in order to resolve it I'd be very greatful,