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    Canon 70D and Photoshop CS5


      I see there there is a new Adobe Camera Raw 8.2 available soon that will support the new Canon 70D, however, it looks like it is only available for CS6.  Is there a plan to make ACR 8.2 available for CS5 users?


      Thanks and regards.....Pete

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Never. Nobody goes back to older versions. Ever. If you need it, you will have to upgrade. Otherwise you will have to settle on using the standalone DNG converter.



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            bradfordcanuck Level 1

            OK, thanks.  I guess I'll be using the standalone DNG converter.

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              "Nobody goes back to older versions."



              Yeah, right... but somebody DOES own some! What a foolish answer.

              Hey, upgrading your gear doesn't mean you have to upgrade your whole damn studio!


              And why should I?!

              Stepped over the same problem today. In CS5.5 I just need some lens correction date and camera profiles... that's it.

              I'm perfectly fine with 5.5, no need for 6 or hell... even the bloody expensive CC (small artist, no need for big business).

              Buying a new pencil doesn't force me to throw away all my good old rulers, papers and whatnot, even buy a new table or rent a new studio!

              That's bad customer-service imho, just because Adobe thinks they're 'to big to fail'!


              That's just forcing ppl into looking for alternatives... e.g. GIMP is a huge runner up and even open-source, not yet ready to a full professional service but something to think about, if Adobe goes on with this policy of forcing customers into bad solutions.

              Well, if I'm changing subjects and get into video-editing, I might have choosen Adobe for it... this makes me think which other companies provide good services!



              And from a data pov: where's the problem to update the damn camera and lens data anyway?!

              Just a few KB!