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    Indesign CC is great but I still need help to get started

    sergec112 Level 1



      I have started using Indesign CC and I am impressed by the features it contains and which I will use some time.


      However, I find some simple things difficult to do, most likely because i dont know enough (I have been reading Indesign CS6 by S. Cohen) and that is the reason I come here for help.


      1) What should I do to make my preferences permanent (e.g. units of mesure, background silver, etc) as it seems that when I make such choices they are only good for the document I work with.


      2) I am having difficulties in creating, Titles, Headers and Footers (Do I have to use tables for that?)


      3) It is not clear how I can mark entries in order to create a full index



      Thanks for your time, venerable Adobe users.