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    hiding layers via 'boundary'?

    Slyrr Level 1

      I'm using Edge to set up animations for my portfolio pages.  I'm working on several, but I'm still instinctively using Flash techniques that are different, or don't work with Edge.  I'm trying to set up a kind of 'conveyor belt' with two belts, one on top and one below.  Each belt will scroll and carry a word, and cycle in a loop so the words move back and forth through the machine graphics I have.


      Is there a way to 'hide' an object beyond the opacity slider and keyframes/pin?  Once the word is covered by the machine, I want it to disappear, but parts of the word which still haven't been carried inside the machine are still visible, so using the opacity slider is out until the whole word is inside the machine.  But if I try to scale it, the shape changes while parts of the word are still visible. 


      One solution is to break each word into chunks of 3 letters or so, with individual layers for each cluster of letters.  Then once each chunk is hidden, blink it out.  But before I do that, I'd like to find out if there's a way to make a hard edge, or a boundary, somewhere on the stage, beneath which a specified layer becomes invisible, so that if an object scrolls past that boundary before exiting the stage, it gradually disappears.  Is that possible?  I'd prefer this way, because I plan to animate the 'belts' the same way for smooth scrolling.


      Any advice is appreciated - thanks in advance.