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    Aligning/Landing CC Page Turn to a midpoint


      Hi there!


      I'm having quite a bit of trouble with achieving a desired effect with CC Page Turn


      I'm attempting to make it look as if an open books page is being turned with the centre of the book acting as the Page Turns limit.


      When I pull the fold position out fully the page lands way out, I've toyed around with the layers anchor point, and adjusting keyframes of CC Page Turn halfway but no success.


      I've included a quick gif to indicate where all is going wrong. I basically want the page to land flush on the left side


      If anyone has any suggestions please send them my way.


      Much Appreciated


      After Effects CC



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          I managed to sort it, I didnt realise there was cross hairs beside fold position control in CC Page Turn Effect Window..


          For anyone else who comes across this problem: Set the starting fold position vertically half way on the right side.. then landing, Fold Position halfway Vertically on the right side


          Gif Attached