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    Have I been ripped off by Adobe?


      So maybe 1-2 years ago I bought the student and teacher version of Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom. I installed it on my school laptop and on my desktop computer. My school laptop got really old and stopped working properly, so I uninstalled Photoshop and Lightroom before I put it in a drawer and invested in a new laptop. This laptop has Windows 8 installed on it, as was my only choice. I now hear rumors of Photoshop CS5 not being able to work properly on a Windows 8 laptop, because of some graphics glitch.

      As I am moving to a different town for a year, where I'll be living in a very small dorm room, I found there's no room to bring my desktop computer with me. I do not have Windows 8 pro, and so I do not have the "downgrade rights" to reinstall Windows 7.

      My laptop is a notebook with no disc tray, so even attempting to install Photoshop CS5 will require me to purchase one, since there is no longer a way to download the trial version and simply enter my product code. Practically speaking, there is no guarantee Photoshop will work properly on Windows 8 even if I invest in an external disc tray.

      I currently have no income, so the little amount of money I have will go to providing food for myself for the next year. This means that purchasing Photoshop CS6 or the newest Photoshop CC is out of the question.


      Bottom line, is there any way to fix this, or are Adobe employees going to blame this on my stupidity in 1. buying a laptop with windows 8 and/or 2. buying a laptop with no disc tray?


      Any answers to my problem are highly welcome!