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    setFocus() causing an infinite loop? is this a known thing?

      hi folks

      i've just started revising a site of mine ( http://www.darkeststar.co.uk) using flash cs3 (was originally in mx2004) and i've come across some strange behaviour from one of the components

      when i test the combo box, it freezes and gives

      256 levels of recursion were exceeded in one action list

      as an error. This is strange because when i was using mx2004, there was no problem.

      Now, when i get rid of a setFocus() used on a TextArea component immediately afterwards, the problem is corrected (although the user cannot type directly in the textbox and has to click in it first which is awkward imo)

      is this a known thing? i haven't used the built-in components much before now but they've been almost as much hassle as they've solved