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    What are the capabilities of video editing in Photoshop?


      I only have Photoshop CS5 and would like to edit video footage I have of my college fashion show, my portion of which is about 3-4 minutes long.  One video I have is taken by a  hand held camera and I would like to somehow blur or crop out the distracting audience, which I know will be difficult because the camera is a little unsteady. My other footage is from the official DVD and is taken straight on from a steady camera. I want to splice the two videos together so you can see all angles of my designs. I think I will need to overlay a new soundtrack (just a song in my library) as well.  How much of this is possible in Photoshop, and for an advanced Photoshop user but a complete novice at anything video related, how difficult will this be to acheive? How time intensive? Before I delve into researching tutorials and online resourses, I really would like to know if it's even a feasable project. Many thanks!

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          I do not do video editing but I just took a look at cs6 video timeline. It looks like it is very easy to splice video clips together and add an additional audio track that would span the entire spliced video.  That left me with the question could you blur or delete your audience.  It also looks like that would also be easy.  I dropped the sample window windows media video clip onto CS6.  In the layers palette I converted the video clip to a smart object and made a selection around the outside to represent your audience, added a smart filter a gaussian blur and rendered an mp4. http://www.mouseprints.net/old/dpr/Wildlife.mp4

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            Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I would think the only issue you would have is camera movement. As photoshop does not support rotoscoping. Which is a mask that tracks movement. But for scenes that the camera is still or reasonably still it should be fine.

            You could split the video and remove full movement and keep all clips that are still. Then wipe between those clips.


            If you need something more robust, then its time to get a video editor.