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    Failed to Open Document (file not 0 bytes) - Suggested resolution!


      (Posting this to assist others with same problem - I have actually resolved for me - please note Adobe developers for suggested improvement for work around… there is still a bug in there somewhere with corrupt files)


      Using Flash Pro CS6 (v on Mac OSX 7.5



      Tried to open a file that I was working on last night (after MAC crashed and untidy shut down, but had saved file beforehand) this morning and got the error message "Failed to open document". The file has 10 MB of size (not 0 bit like other crashes that were not recoverable!).


      Resolution (work around): 

      Managed to recover the file using a combo of ideas I found on the web.


      First things first... check the file size, if the file size is 0, your pretty much stuffed since the file is empty, sorry. If however the file is populated, then this is what I did:

      1) copied the file and saved it to a new location (so working on a duplicate)

      2) downloaded a rar file tool (Winrar or I used The Unarchiver for Mac)

      3) Change the name of the file extension of that duplicate to .rar (you will get a warning message, accept it)

      4) Double click on the .rar file to open it using the .rar extraction ap you selected - you will be asked to say where you want that file to be extracted to - I just created a new folder on my desktop. In the process of extracting that file (believe it or not it is stored up as many parts), I got error messages that 3 images that were used in the file were corrupted. I selected to continue and ignore that. I made note of the corrupted files set.

      5) Locate the problem files (mine were in a folder called "Library" in the extracted file set) and delete those images *NOTE: you should have these copied elsewhere since they are brought into flash generally. BUT you might also like to skip this step and try the step below first - I didn't - it could be that you don't actually need to delete those images. If the step below doesn't work, then come back here and try again)

      6) In the new extracted file directory, there should be the same file name you want, just not as .fla but as a .xfl version. This means an uncompressed version (I have no idea what that really means) - double click on that same named file.xfl

      7) This .xfl file then opened for me in Flash

      8) Save that file again as .fla, add back any images that were needed and corrupted - mine were not needed so I just left them.


      I love working with flash but the instability is really a problem - I pretty much have to save a working file to another location and then try to reopen that before closing the original or shutting down / restarting.  This time I was lucky (only 1 hour of research and trial and error to recover) but previously I have had 0 byte files and had no choice but to start again (since time machine failed to save earlier versions).


      Suggested resolution adobe developers:

      It would be very useful if Flash told you which files were corrupted and then gave you an option to open the document with corrupted files removed as a copied version - at least this way we could work with most of the file to rebuild.

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          moccamaximum Level 5

          This problem has been around for years and the solution you suggest is only the second best in my opinion.


          The best would be to have a Failsafe like many other products/companies already have going: Corel, Autodesk, Microsoft etc.:

          If their programs stop working they alert you to the fact and give you the opportunity to safe a copy of the file under a different name.


          Can`t be Rocket Science. If you can`t make your products work reliable, at least come up with manageable solutions.

          There is at least one day a month were I would be really lost without the ability of our company to rewind to the xfl version of yesterday.


          I can`t imagine what someone that works as a freelancer and hasn`t got the redundancy of companies has to go through if Flash burns him/her on a regular basis.