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    Can't rename style in default.css

      <blush> never mind... figured it out... (can i delete this?)
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          Ben Minson Level 2

          It could be helpful to others to leave the original post and then post a reply with the solution. You never know if someone else will run into the same problem and need the answer, which is not posted (nor is the original problem, since it looks like you edited that post). Then flag the answer post as the answer to the question.

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            poverbo Level 1
            OK, good point... Here was my issue: I created a new style in the default.css and tried to name it but it reverted back to the generic Style1. There's no 'rename' function, for example,I kept trying to right-click on it to see if it would let me change the name.

            Turns out, if I triple-click on the style name it lets me rename the style. But still it kept reverting back to it's generic name Style1. I was stumped. I quickly realized it didn't like spaces or other characters (*$ etc.