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    Switching to premiere pro



        This is panna from Hyderabad(india),i am a film director,i am completing my production work,working with red epic,now looking to edit my film in premeire,i looked out many post-production studios but all of the studios are working with fcp n avid,i dissapointed very much and i am not understanding why the people are not working with premiere,Finally i decided to build a pc n start working with my own setup- can i get help and support to my whole project from adobe?, because it challanges me a lot to edit my entire film in premiere pro,aftereffects etc....,this is the prestigious project to me and my whole team,i am the only one who working with adobe premiere here,now this is the begining and i am confident about my project and adobe tools that's why i decided to go with adobe.i am sure about that if u concentrate here adobe also get good market here with my project because this film is releasing in 3500 theatres in india

      i want to write a letter to adobe ceo,how to contact them,plz give me the mail id of adobe ceo,thanks