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    I have  a newer version of flash player installed then what is listed as the most recent version??




      I am checking the version i have installed of flash player via the adobe version check option at the site and i have version 11.8.800.94 and when i check the list of the latest versions of Adobe, i see 11.7.700.169 listed as being the latest vversion. How can i have a version installed that's above that? I haven't installed a beta version, never signed up for beta testing and all i did was install the latest version of flash player via the website.


      I am wondering what this is cause recently when viewing videos on youtube, my videos tend to hang up or end halfway through and think the video ended when it's not. My guess now is that i have sumhow obtained a version of flash player that's not correct and thus why the videos go haywire now. Re-installing flash player sets it back to the 11.8 version again, so that didn't work.


      Any information any1 might have that can solve this is much appreciated.