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    How can I get "grave" full screen toggle button to work in Premiere Pro CC?

    Angularian Level 1

      I should start by saying I'm completely new to Adobe Premiere Pro, having previously used Sony Vegas Pro.


      I'm using the Adobe "Classroom In A Book" title for Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud but multiple times it talks about hitting the "grave" button at the top left corner of the keyboard to toggle a panel between full-screen mode and back again.


      This does nothing for me.


      I haven't customised Adobe Premiere Pro CC in any way. I've literally just started with this book (which so far I'm unimpressed by - it talks about far too many things before it's introduced them in later lessons). Googling finds the same answer: the grave button should work.


      I'm using a Dell One which has a rather small keyboard. So I swapped that out for a custom "Adobe Premiere" keyboard I bought a few years ago. It highlights the grave key as a purple button marked "Toggle Full Screen".


      It still does nothing!


      My suspicion is that I've fallen victim to a publisher rushing out a book without any sort of quality control and just taking the text from the book for a previous version and assuming it will work.  I'm guessing Adobe changed the hot key feature? If not can anybody suggest what I'm doing wrong or how I can get the wretched hot key to work. It seems very necessary and trying to learn this product when this basic functionality is not working is very frustrating.


      Thanks in advance.


      Ian Smith