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    Confusion about disc setup.


      Hi all


      I've read lots and lots about how best to set up discs for Premiere Pro but I'm sitll confused about my own particular setup and was wondering if some nice person here could advise me on how I should proceed.


      I have just built a new PC for video and picture editing which consists of a 6 core Intel i7, Nvidia 680, 32GB Memory (Windows 7 Pro to utilise it all) and 3 hard drives consiting of 2 SSD's and 1 mechanical, all conected via 6Gbps SATA.


      I have the hard drives arranged as 128 GB SSD for system and programs, 1 TB larger mechanical for footage and 128GB SSD for cache.


      So in Premiere Pro I have Edit>Preferences>Media  as follows:


      Media cache files pointing at the cache SSD

      Media cache database pointing at the cache SSD


      In Project>Project Settings>Scrath disc I have:


      captured video same as project, that is the mechanical 1 TB footage drive

      captured audio likewise


      Video previews set to the cache SSD

      Audio previews likewise


      also in the general tab I have video rendering and playback as Mercury engine GPU acceleration



      Does that concur with the wisdom of you more experienced users?