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    So many Components (confused)

      Hello, i currently try to understand how flex works and how the whole components work togehter.
      But Flex seems to have a lot of components and one component includes other components, so it's hard to understand how they work together and to find out what functions the different components have.
      So, perhaps someone can give me a short introduction and a hierarchy of the several components.
      PS: I've already looked into some pdf-documents but i couldn't find a complete summary of the whole components.

      kind regards
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          Djunix Level 1
          Addition: I mean components like the SDK, Framework and so on. not components like buttons or labels.
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            leotemp Level 1
            Well I dont know much but since noone has answered yet ill give what little i understand:

            Flash 9 = what flex requires to be displayed on a users system, if they dont have it then there are small applications you can include in your application folder that will install it for them(if everything gos right)

            Flex 2 = i guess this i what youd call the framework, for all i know theres tiny people in there performing voodoo to make stuff happen, however your users only need to be able to install flash 9 to use flex functionality

            Flex Webservices = Ive never used this but from what i understand its basically a pre built xml renderer with some built in extras, no can just use your own data driven system to render the xml though

            FlexBuilder = WYSIWYG application for building flex sites, i had the beta and it actually worked alot better then what im normally used to as far as WYSIWYG is concerned and i plan on buying it the second im not spendin $15 a day on freakin gas.

            FlexSDK = just lets you compile the .mxml plain text files into the flex appliction, you need your own text editor to build the apps and then use the sdk to compile them, i was really lost when i first downloaded it but after using the beta for a few weeks it makes sense now. You dont need Flexbuilder to use the sdk

            I hope that helps, If it seems a bit simplistic, well I really dont know a whole lot about this stuff yet.
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              peterent Level 2
              Thanks for explaining this on our behalf. I've been trying to monitor the forums, but occaisonally get tied up.

              If you or anyone feels the explanation of the Flex pieces (see, even I'm not sure what to call them!) are not clear on our web site, please let me know and I'll drop a line to the folks in charge of that.
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                Djunix Level 1
                Hi, thanks for your help.
                Meanwhile i found some helpful pdf-documents like

                But there is still something i'm worried about:
                On some websites i've read that flex is not able to connect to databases directly and that it is only possible with a php-file that transforms the data from the database into xml-format, but in the flex2wp_technicaloverview.pdf there is a grafic (figure 6) that shows that a database access is possible with the Flex Data Services.

                So, perhaps you can give me some informations about flex and the possibilities to connect to a database.

                Kind regards
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                  peterent Level 2
                  Try this link:

                  Particularly the section on working with data adapters.