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    Trouble With Importing Video Clips


      This is my first project using the Premiere Pro/Creative Cloud.  Went to import 10 clips into a new project.  Eight of them imported just fine, but 2 of them won't import correctly, for some reason.  One of the troublesome files (clip #9) imports with the proper video, but is playing the audio of the first file in the group (clip #1).  This first file (clip #1) has the color bars in the front of it, and these color bars have also transferred and attached to the troublesome file (clip#9).  On the hard drive, clip #9 does not have any colorbars, and I can't figure out why the act of importing is adding the color bars and stealing that audio............


      The second file (clip #7) imports with the proper video, but absolutely no audio. 


      Both of these clips play fine when accessed directly from the hard drive.  Can't figure out what is happening as they make their way into Premiere Pro.  Anybody else ever have this happen to them?