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    How can I transfer a project to my PC without an internet connection?


      I recently purchased a new Galaxy Note 10.1, and one of the primary reasons for doing so was so that I could use Photoshop Touch, so I could do basic image editing on the go. So far I have been impressed with the functionality available in the app and its ease of use, however, when I came to transfer the projects to my PC to finish off the final touches that are easier on a full computer, I found that I couldn't easliy transfer the project, since the files don't seem to be stored anywhere visible.


      After doing a bit of research, I found that the suggested way of doing this is to sync to the Creative Cloud and then download it to the computer. This is useless to me, since most of the time when I'd be transferring the project files between my tablet and laptop, I wouldn't have an internet connection available. What I read also seemed to suggest this process would flatten the layers in the image (in which case I may as well just save the image as a jpeg).


      Is there a method of transferring the files between the tablet and a computer (preferably in either/both directions) which uses the cable rather than requiring an internet connection, and will preserve the layers in an image, so that editing can be continued on a different machine?