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    Simple Cross Dissolve Doesn't Work

    nathanoday Level 1

      Hi, I am relatively new to Premiere CC, so forgive me if this is a simple fix. I've been searching forums for hours trying to find out why I can't get my simple cross dissolve to work.


      I am trying to put a transition between two .mp4 clips, but instead of putting in a transition of decent length, Premiere makes a TINY one (1-2 frames) and then doesn't let me change its duration by dragging. If I manually change the duration by typing it in, it does expand the transition, but with lines through the timeline element (as if I was applying it to a clip without handles). I have confirmed that I have handles, and that the transition works on any other cilps.


      I've spent more than two hours trying to get something to work that should take less than 10 seconds. Any help is appreciated.