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    Closed captioning shortcut - in CC


      Hi there,


      I would be glad to use Premiere to closed caption my video but I am getting some questions.


      I follow the video tutorial on Adobe TV, make a new caption "layer", add a text on the first caption box.


      Then I want to sync it (to set the in and out point)


      I would like my layer to be the lentgh of my video and then playing with the small arrow directly on the track but I can't guess how to select them. (In the video they say we can't, is  this true ?)


      So my questions :

      1- is if there any shortcut to set in / out point for closed caption ?

      2- Is there any shortcut to add a caption

      3- Is there any way to set the new caption to be adjacent to the last one (by default seems the new one are 1 second after the last one) ?


      Thanks !


      PS : I am used to closed caption with subtitle workstation which I found great because you could make everything with shortcut and that was fast . That's why I am looking for the same kind here.