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    AE CC=Erratic when "Render Multiple Frame Simultaneously" is Enabled - Preventing OS X Reboot

    AtonMusic Level 2

      AS the header suggests...


      This feature has been experiemental at best since CS4 and it would be awesome if adobe could get it to work properly.


      I have been experiementing with this option since its incarnation and thought that perhaps CC would deal with this but the fact remains that no matter WHAT option I choose,

      and I have tried, timed, testes beyond 30 scenarios with different settings etc etc etc...


      1) In NONE of the scenarios the result is faster than when disbling the option... If for instance enabling for processors AE will render 4 frames REALLY fast... Then take about as long as it takes for singe-frame-render to catch up to commence rendering 4 new frames really fast... And so forth...


      2) In most scenarios AE will end up NOT rendering at all.

      So I can understand that the "feature" is defaulted to NOT Active when installing AE first time


      3) After Multi Rendering i.e. 30 Comps - the Mac needs a reboot, even after purging all memory. As the Mac will act erratically until this has happened.

      The problem is that the Mac wont reboot normally. One has to hold the power button and thus crash reboot.


      The Login window disappears and the a black screen appears with some cryptic messages about "Killing Process" which could not be killed...


      After reboot the Log is gushed full with AE Log Messages stating: 8/23/13 8:30:17.538 PM After Effects[23114]: -[NSMenu menuID]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x114d96e10


      It would be really nice if someone would take charge of this app and kill all the erraticness surrounding it.

      New features are grand and all but all the bugs just keep accumulating and that since CS4 !

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is this a bug report?

          If so, you should file it through the proper channels. This is a user-to-user forum and not an official place to contact Adobe.


          Is this a request for technical assistance so that we can try to help you figure out how to get it working?

          If so, we are going to need a lot more information to help you. Obviously this feature works for some people or they wouldn't include it. And, for me, it works great for many of my projects. So perhaps there's something different about your setup.


          Is this just a rant?

          If so, sorry for your troubles. I agree that AE has a number of issues, but considering the size of the AE development team and the infinite amount of variables in hardware and software configurations of the end users, I think After Effects works quite well. Should Adobe dedicate more people to the AE team so that these bugs can be squashed and the productivity features of the software be increased? Yes, no question about it. I love After Effects and the AE team and I would love to see them succeed. However, if we don't file official bug reports when there are problems, Adobe won't know the problems exist.

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            AtonMusic Level 2

            1) I tried getting adobe support...


            They set me up with a fony chat... Deceiving to belive I was chatting with a real person... After two lines of chat I knew it was a Machine..


            2) This is a highly known issue and a "bug" which has been reported by 100s of users and that since years


            3) I love AE and the rest of adobe products... Hence me taking the time to publicly report this.


            4) Adobe knows of LOTs of persisting problems but dont BOTHER to fix them...


            If the AE and of TwoLetterApp-Product engineers would take the time the Splash-Screen designer takes to design new App-Launch-Screens with each CS Version, all the apps would be 95% bug free...



            1.1 = Bugs HAVE been reported by so many people

            1.2 = Adobe are aware of their Existence

            1.3 = New Versions Contain Old BUGs (And new Ones)


            If (1.1 == True && 1.2 == True && 1.3 == True)


                       adobeFixesBugs.true = False;



            Correct me if my syntax is wrong !