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    Laptop just for editing (not encoding)


      So I searched the forums and the interwebs but couldn't find any information on this. I would need a laptop for editing youtube HD-quality in premiere CS5 or 6, but not for encoding. My workstation desktop will handle that and I don't want to (1) churn out 2,000 USD and (2) wear out the laptop by leaving it on for days on end. Rendering previews is the most I'll ask from the laptop.


      What would be the minimum requirements as opposed to a laptop for encoding? There's plenty of information on that part, but just for editing I think an SSD hard drive, Nvidia 512 MB, dual core i5 and 6 GB RAM will suffice.


      Could anybody help me out?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          I hate to say this, but you may be disappointed.


          I bought an inexpensive laptop to use with Lightroom while on vacation or out in the field. That's all I intended to use it for. Well, it was until I decided to put a bunch of stills on a timeline and export to YouTube.


          It wasn't the export that was the problem, I did that overnight.


          It was trying to edit the timeline without enough RAM and no CUDA capable card, and a relatively slow processor.


          You should not have to spend $2000, but you might find that you need to spend half that much to get something that will work for you. Of course, it depends, in part, on the codec you are editing. If you have an alI-Frame codec it is easier on the PC. If you are editing MP4 files that you got from downloading YouTube videos, you are most likely going to have a tough time.


          I suggest that you look for something like what you wrote, with a SSD and a NVidia graphics card, with at least 8G of RAM. Just for starters. It isn't the export, it is the rendering and pulling video off of the drives fast enough.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            The specs you need for editing are the same as you'd need for exporting, so you're thinking on this one is just not...practical.