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    PremPro CC stopped working?

    drjury Level 1

      The program will no longer render the time line. The render progress window opens, shows no progress, and clicking to close the render or the program results in a popup saying premPro is not responding.


      Media encoder does not process a sequence.


      Not sure that PremPro is saving latest renditions either.

      Somehow the PremProCS6 is missing from the program start window; don't recall deleteing.


      Started a few days ago about same time Media Encoder CC produced odd segments rendered.


      Win 7 64 bit, i5 processor, 8G, quadro K600


      Been using all CS6  programs for a year and Adobe CC since inception.


      In a difficult spot right now with production hanging.


      Thanks for addressing this




      Message was edited by: drjury Fired all up again: PPro CS6 seems to run OK, but I've not tried the newer files. PPro CC is the same as stated above. ALSO Creative Cloud Update was not loaded because of an error; Retry did not improve the update process ans was aborted.