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    Object Binding FROM TextInput

    Robert S Level 1
      Is there a simple solution for a Data Transfer Object to bind to TextInput boxes? We have a number of large input forms that we would like to bind Back to the object. Currently that DTO object uses public variables and is set as [Bindable] so as you change the object, the textinput boxes change with the associated variabe... I would like to have that work in reverse also (change the textinput and the variable in the object changes)... I realize that since my object has a number of different variables, the DTO object would need to decifer which variable is being changed, but I suspect it may be similar to the way a textinput can be bound to another textinput and the change event appears to capture from one to the other...

      That may be so confusing it's unreadable... :) please let me know if I need to elaborate.