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    Premiere Pro CC stalls on capture or rendering capture

    KempWrites Level 1

      I'm trying to capture (many) MiniDV tapes to my (ahem) hard drive. Yes, I know I need external RAIDS.


      However, not being able to capture more than 3 clips seems a bit limited.


      I'm capturing from a Sony GV-D1000 via RCA/S-vid to Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt. Mac is great on processor, not so great on HD speed. Added a 1 TB Seagate Backup Plus for Mac as a temporary storage spot for rendered clips.


      What I don't get is that every clip has been captured only after World War III with settings in the Capture window and with the project. Each time seems to have been a different scenario. At this point, I can't recreate these...


      What I do know:


      1. Any setting throughout Premiere Pro CC that offers the choice of Blackmagic has to be Blackmagic per their manual. Did all that.

      2. Latest trick: When I'm in the Capture window, the pulldown audio menus no longer show Blackmagic as an option.


      Happy to supply more specifics as needed. Thanks from a self-taught newbie.