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    Pdf form import problems


      Importing an existing pdf form authored in Pro X scrambles the field order and returns multiple error messages re check box export values being ignored.  How can I fix/prevent these form import problems?  Otherwise FormsCentral is useless for my project.  The form is too lengthy to reauthor in FormsCentral.  

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          The form fields are imported into FormsCentral in the order they appear in the PDF stucture. I don't know how many fields you have on your form but you can drag and drop column in the response table to show them in the order you want them.


          Your checkboxes will work in FormsCentral. It just won't use the export values but instead it uses the field name. In the Response Table you will see the checkbox column (column name being the checkbox name) and a check box (checked or unchecked) in each cell below it. Have you tried your form in FormsCentral (try to submit it yourself) to see if what you get after a submission does the trick or not. If not can you please email your pdf to formscentral_feedback@adobe.com with what is not working for you and I'll have a look at the issue.