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    Calculating order amounts in my forms


      How do I get FC to calculate the order amounts in my form?  I have a basic order form where the customer can order several items by filling in quantity and the line amounts and totals should be calculated for them.  I don't see how to do this in FC.  Is there a way to accomplish this or do I need some other product?



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Web forms created in FormsCentral do not allow calculations. PDF forms do and can be imported into FormsCentral, but you'll need Acrobat to create them and they don't allow PayPal integration with FormsCentral.

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            runamuk0 Level 1

            Well, that's not good.  I guess I will cancel my subscription and look elsewhere.


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              Choocywoccydoodah Level 1



              I have created my form outside Formscentral in Acrobat XI Pro and added the various calculations that are working nicely - can you tell me, will they still work once I import into Formscentral? I guess if i wanted to change that form I'd have to make adjustments on the original PDF and re-import and set up the PayPal again? Thanks for your help.

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                Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                - The calculations will work after you import in FormsCentral.


                - You cannot modify an imported PDF in FormsCentral. You need to make your modifications in Acrobat and re-import in FormsCentral.


                - PayPal integration is not supported for imported PDF in FormsCentral.



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                  I am confused. Forms created in FormsCentral do not allow calculations....but you can import forms with calculations that will NOT work with PayPal?


                  Why are templates shown in FormsCentral for order forms with payment if there is no way to integrate payment?


                  We need an order form that will calculate costs and allow customers to pay using our already linked PayPal account. Is this possible on FormsCentral? If so, please provide some direction.

                  Thank yoU!

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                    Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                    The PayPal integration only works with online forms (not PDF forms). The calculations will be done by PayPal and not in your form itself. For more information about PayPal please see : http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1632


                    Hope this helps


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                      Gen, I have owned FormsCentral now for almost 6 months.  I originally bought it because of the appearance of entering quantities on items.  Outwardly, this would imply that down at the bottom somewhere, there is a sub-total field calculating the total and then a tax field and then a grand total field.  I voiced my opposition to this oversight 6 months ago, and I was hoping that after 6 months of non-use, Adobe would have addressed this problem.  It is very apparent that Adobe has us over a barrel... we can't offer calculations on our web forms but we can offer PayPal integration.  We can import from Acrobat a nice form with calculations but cannot take advantage of PayPal.  This is a terrible predicament that Adobe has put their customers in and based off the continued complaints, it is VERY obvious that Adobe is ignoring our plea's for a solution.  I'm not a programmer, but what we are asking for does not seem very hard to accomplish (of course I'm speculating).  Adobe owes their customers an explanation of when a fix is coming or offer customers a refund.  I like Adobe's innovation and efforts to create fantastic and useful tools for their consumers, but I truly believe Adobe has fallen flat on their face with this effort.  I would appreciate an explanation on where Adobe is heading with this program.  I would be gullible to state that Adobe will have FormsCentral around forever, but I'm sure I speak for most of the others when I say that the idea behind FormsCentral is absolutely awesome and would hate not having something like it to use.  Adobe should consider forming some focus groups or beta teams to field the suggestions from its customers in regards to this potentially GREAT software.