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    Indesign Cloud update to cs7....how?

    greg491don Level 1

      I have the CC and assumed that updates would ...well update the programs. The cloud manager screen says I have the latest version(cs6), but work files say I need the new CS7. The update link seems to be well hidden for some reason. A simple link would be nice as Easter Egg hunts are not why I am using Adobe products.


      Any suggestions?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is no CS7. Adobe decided on the name CC for InDesign and other applications in the Creative Cloud at a late stage in the process of bringing the applications to market so not all the dialog boxes were changed in time.


          If you have InDesign CC and downloaded the update made available on August 22, you have InDesign 9.1, which is the current version.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            My intuition says you have a subscription to Creative Cloud and Indesign CS6, which was the first version to be included in the cloud. You have to manually download and install the new CC versions (which can co-exist, don't uninstall your CS6 versions).


            If you haven't already, I'd start by going to https://creative.adobe.com/products and download the Creative Cloud Desktop App. You can use that to download and install the others that you want, or you can download them from the same page.