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    CS6 Rendering and exporting, and clarity problems.


      Alright. So I spent several hours editing, and relearning, Premiere Pro for a friends track video. During the whole process everything looked good, nice and crisp.


      I made sure all of my work area was selected> went to sequence > render entire work area. The settings I chose were h264, 1080p, 29.97.


      Then, I go to export > media > and verify all data is still correct. Then I move it to queue, Media encoder comes up and I start Queue after puting the file in the desired location.


      I then go to the file, it is only 16 seconds long (video is about 50 mins, and looks like complete garbage. HALP!


      Video is from a Gopro Hero 1, and I noticed for the source video it says resolution was 720x480, could that be part of the problem.

      Any help would be appreciated.



      Further back story, most of the editing was done in CS5, but my media encoder wasn't working so I upgraded to CS6 everything.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.