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    Question about payment of Adobe FormsCentral

    Zoltán Gábriel Level 1

      Dear Dave,

      My name is Zoltan Gabriel from Hungary who is a new user of the Adobe FormsCentral. I use FormsCentral as a privat user (Username G Z) since a week as we paid the Basic Service. I'm satisfied user after I created few question forms. Now I'm planning to use it as a "company" and now I would like to buy the Plus version of the Adobe FormsCentral (I will pay for it 132,69 EUR yearly).


      1., Please tell me how I can arrange the payment as pay by wire (transfer) instead of using our credit card?

      2., Please tell me how I can get official receipt/invoice?

      3., Please tell me how I can get tax refound?


      4., After I will have a username (as a Zoltan Gabriel with Plus version access) please tell me how I can use my questionnaries which I did as a G Z user (with Basic service) earlier?


      Your answer is highly appreciated.


      Zoltán Gabriel