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    Render once option instead of in After effects, Premier Pro & Encore


      Sorry if this has been asked before, but cant see it - and I am fairly new to after effects. I have CS6.


      I edit non-league football matches (soccer...) and so use a template package for all the graphics - goal scorers, team line-ups, a constant score in teh corner etc. THe graphics are done in After Effects, and brought into Premier Pro using Adobe Dynamic Link. Once the graphics have been done, I dont need to alter them in any way.


      I then do the editing in Premier Pro - and move the imported graphics onto the timeline - but they are unencoded, which makes watching them back slow and jerky. If I want to render the timeline it obviously improves, but when I add in another graphic, it seems to have to re-render everything, every time.


      It then takes up ages to export to h.264 for YouTube - so presume it re-renders again.


      Finally, when usin encore for the dvd - I presume it re-renders yet again, because that takes hours.


      Is there a way I could get After Effects to render once only, and then when it imports into PP - it treats it as a normal moving graphic, and the same with encore?


      I have tried exporting the files individually, but instead of getting a clear background (so you can see behind it) - it comes up black.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.