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    Premiere Pro CS6 Sony *.mts-Files from NEX VG50 do not work properly


      I have several notebooks with similar configuration, Nvidia CUDA enabled graphics card (GeForce 635M), 8GB RAM, USB3.0 external HD.

      On all computers MPEG2 based  - Material is running well. But on Machines with Win8 OS, we have problems with material recorded with a Sony NEX (VG 50, VG30). The timline playback is very poor in any resolution. Mainly the problem occurs with material encoded in FullHD (1080p50). Surprisingly the same project runs on a notebook with Win7 with remarkable better performance. So I guess there are probably Win8 specific procedures that demand for ressources of the graphics adapter. The preview in ressource-Monitor is better

      Has anybody an idea what to do?


      Thank you for your support