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    language settings


      how do I change the language on my trail version of inDesign?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I believe Creative Cloud picks it up from the language settings on your computer (if I'm wrong someone can correct me).

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            JoaoCP Level 2

            Steve is right: when installing CC for the first time, Adobe Application Manager (AAM) chooses the system language.


            To change your language version, open AAM, click the triangle beside your name (in the window top left), then click Preferences. Select your language and click OK. The status of InDesign in the applications list will change from "Up to date" to "Install". Click Install to complete the process.


            But beware: as far as I remember,  changing this setting is not enough. A client of mine tried to use the English InDesign version in her Brazilian operating system, but AAM insisted in installing the Brazilian version, even with AAM Preferences set to English. The workaround was to temporarily change the system language to English before reinstalling ID. After reinstalling the application, she was able to turn her system back to the Brazilian version, and InDesign remained in English.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              One small correction on Joao's excellent post: What he calls the Adobe Application Manager is actually now called the Creative Cloud desktop application. It's the visible part of the Creative Cloud that lets you install apps and fonts. Open it, then click the small "gear" icon and select Preferences.

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                JoaoCP Level 2

                Thank you very much, Steve!


                My use of "Adobe Aplication Manager" instead of "Creative Cloud" desktop application, however, was intentional. It seems that Adobe provides the new desktop application only for those who subscribe the complete CC suite. Users like me, who subscribe individual applications, are only allowed to resort to the old Adobe Application Manager.


                Two weeks ago, I read your post on InDesign Secrets about the early access program for Typekit. I was not sure whether subscribers of individual applications were elligible to use this feature (my guess: no, we're not), but I decided to try anyway. Using the link you provided in your post, I applied for the program. To my surprise, I received the welcome e-mail in the same day, with a link where I could download the new Creative Cloud desktop application.


                The installer, called "Creative Cloud installer.app", came inside a "Creative Cloud Installer.dmg" disk. But, despite these unequivocal names, what the installer do was simply to launch the old Adobe Application Manager; it didn't install the new desktop application.


                For testing purposes, I threw my old AAM in the trash and launched the Creative Cloud Installer.app once more. What it did was to download a new copy of the same AAM I had.


                Therefore, unless there's something very wrong with my system, I believe that the new Creative Cloud application (and, unfortunately, Typekit) is exclusive for subscribers of the full package.

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                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Good point, Joao!


                  I tend to forget subscription to an individual product since Adobe strongly promotes the Creative Cloud subscription. In fact, I've never seen what's it's like to use just an individual subscription so your description is very helpful!

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                    Ellis home Level 4

                    Well, I have the application installed in two computers: one is 32 bit and the other 64 bit. In the 32 bit I just get the AAM and in the 64 bit the CC desktop. Maybe that's the reason?

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                      JoaoCP Level 2

                      Thanks for pointing this out, Ellis. But I'm on a Mac, and there's only the 64-bit version for my system, so I guess the reason for not having the new application is my basic subscription model.

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                        Liz, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

                        Hi Joao,

                        Although Typekit is not included in your single-application Creative Cloud plan, you do have the option of signing up a standalone plan from https://typekit.com/plans.  The Portfolio plan is the same level that you would receive with the full Creative Cloud subscription.


                        More information is available on the Typekit website, or you can get in touch with us with any questions at support@typekit.com.


                        -- liz

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                          JoaoCP Level 2

                          Thanks for the info, Liz. I'll check it out.

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                            JoaoCP Level 2

                            I'm bringing back this thread only to say that I've finally found out why I don't have the new Creative Cloud Desktop application on my Mac: I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8 and, according to the Adobe CC Tech Specs page, the Creative Cloud Desktop requires at least Mac OS X 10.7.


                            Mystery solved.