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    Some topics not returned in search results

    madge0509 Level 1

      Can anyone think of why certain topics would not appear in search
      results? I have looked through the WebHelp output files and the topics
      are referenced, and they also appear in the TOC.

      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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          Have experienced the same problem. Corrected it by altering an FTS index file in the generated Help (the ones in the whxdata folder). Not something you want to be doing every time you generate. In my case, the problem was the spelling of the French word for system. It was missing the "e" on the end which was causing topics with the English word "system" from showing up in the search list. The topics started showing after I added the final "e". Bizzare. For the record the French word system has an accent on the first e. Don't know it that has anything to do with anything. Anyway, I'm now left wondering if the problem is more pervasive than just that one case. I've been playing around with another search engine (Zoom Search). Peter Grainge put me on to it on his site (thanks Peter!!). So far I've been really impressed. Integrating the engine into RH is a snap thanks to Peter's terrific instructions. My only issue is getting the Search form to come up in the Nav pane. If you're reading this Peter, I'd appreciate any input you might have.