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    Premiere 6.0.4 Causes Crash


      We recently got a new iMac with Production Premium CS6 for work. Everything installed and was running fine up until the update to 6.0.4. At that time we got the generic "serious" error when trying to capture footage. At first we thought it was a CUDA driver issue so we updated to the latest version of that through nVidia but that didn't help. The initial version of Production Premium we installed had the Mercury Playback Engine grayed out, but after the upgrade three options are available: OpenCL, CUDA and Software. Switching between these does not resolve the problem. I'm guessing this is causing the problem, but I can't find a way to disable Mercury Playback.


      We should add that we're running OS 10.8.4 on a 3.1GHz Core i7 iMac with 16GB RAM, and an nVidia GT 650M with 512MB RAM.


      Any suggestions on resolving this problem? Any help is appreciated.