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    Prompt to Spell Check Before Printing, Save and/or Close Document?




      I need to set up some sort of script to promt myself to spell check before I print, save and/or close a document. After scouring the internet, I have come up with a script that was designed to run on CS3 (I am currently running on CS6). I have included the script below for reference. At first, this script worked and now it does not. I also tried modifying it, however I know little about JavaScript.


      Any other options on how to promt for spell check before printing, saving, and or/closing would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!




      /* CheckSpelling.jsx


      Version 1


      This script is written to remind a user to spell-check the current document.


      Put this script into Startup scripts folder and restart InDesign if it's running. */


      #target indesign


      #targetengine "session"


      var myLastDoc;


      var myConfirm;


      var myCheckSpellEvList = app.menuActions.item("Check Spelling...").addEventListener("beforeInvoke", myCheckSpellHandler, false);


      var myBeforeCloseEvList = app.addEventListener("beforeClose", myBeforeCloseHandler, false);


      var myAfterCloseEvList = app.addEventListener("afterClose", myAfterCloseHandler, false);


      function myBeforeCloseHandler(myEvent){


         myConfirm = false;


         if (!eval(myEvent.parent.extractLabel("SpellingChecked")) && myEvent.parent.saved == true){


            myLastDoc = myEvent.parent.fullName;


            myConfirm = confirm("Do you want to check spelling now?", false, "You forgot to check spelling!");






      function myAfterCloseHandler(myEvent){


         if (!eval(myEvent.parent.extractLabel("SpellingChecked"))){


            if (myConfirm) {




               app.menuActions.item("Check Spelling...").invoke();








      function myCheckSpellHandler(myEvent){


         app.activeDocument.insertLabel("SpellingChecked", "true");