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    Action with conditions


      Hi there. Firstly is there a concise document that explains how to create actions using the new condition statements - tried google nothing step by step with examples.


      I would like to crop an image to suit then have it resize vertically to a set size then stroke it with a colour of your choice (would stop and ask you to pick a colour from the image) then save it. Before conditions I made one but if the image changes the ratio of width to height during the crop it fails. Also of course before conditons it uses the colour for the stroke that I chose when making the the original action. BTW I don't have a document portrait option, document square and document horizontal only.


      Thanks, Rod.

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          Ronald Keller Level 4

          I can't help with the action itself because I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish.


          The principle is simple. You make an easy action as a starting point and insert a condition: say the image is horizontal then run action A otherwise run action B. So in fact you need 3 actions in total.

          I my opninon the first action should just query the condition. The actual things that need to be done you put in the 2 other "real" actions.


          BTW "horizontal only" is enough. If it is not horizontal then its vertical (unless its square but that option is provided)