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    create spot color pdf for press

    mustangdesigner Level 1

      I work in a small print shop with aging pressroom equipment.  I was able to send directly from my old Mac to the press from InDesign or photoshop and use the color separations dialog.  In order to upgrade Adobe I need to upgrade the Mac and if we do that I loose compatablity with the pressroom.  I will be able to print via pdf to the press room. How do I send files that are not CMYK?  My only thought so far is create ID files with layers for each plate and change everything to black, creating separate pdfs with layers turned off. Is there a better way?  That would mean have two color logos aligned on two layers, etc. which is not ideal. it would also mean creating a true color file for client proofs and then changing it all to black for press,  Again, no ideal.