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    Flash crash & emptied my SAVED file content (now zero bytes!) (4th time happening!)


      Hi there please help!


      This is the 4th time that this issue has happened to me in as many months.


      Where I have opened a new document in a single flash session and have worked on it for many hours or over a some days (saving periodically to my machine but session still open) suddenly i get the flash never ending spinning wheel and flash hangs forcing me to end the session through task manager. I cannot put my finger on what the crash reason is - i am just doing various tasks like creating new layers, or  drilling into grouped parts to edit objects or importing or anything really.


      When i reopen flash after the crash and go to those files that were opened in that previous session, there is literally NOTHING in the files anymore = they are zero bytes!!! This has happened to me 4 times now on different files and i am now seroiusly having to consider going and learning another program altogether and leaving Flash (i really don't want to have to do that, but i am getting a crash a day right now and i need reliable tools for my project).


      The reason i think that it is only those files that were created int hat session is that i always have other files open that have been created on other occasions and they are not deleted like the new ones.


      I am definitely saving them periodically during my session. I even have auto recovery turned on now, but that hasn't worked this time (i am guessing because i HAS just saved them before the crash so i guess auto recovery didn't step in). I now have 2 files that were, gulp, finished after many hours of work that are zero bytes.


      My set up:

      Mac OSX 10.7.5 (processor 3.1 GHz, 12 GB memory, 750 GB Free internal storage)

      Flash Professional CS6 version (problem also happened on the previous version, i upgraded to this one in that hope it would resolve - nope)


      Literally flash is now crashing every day i use it - and i have to use it everyday! I am wondering if there is an issue with Time Machine and Flash that might be causign this or is this just a program issue? It seems that since i have ramped up my Flash usage this crashing is a daily occurance - is what i am to expect if trying to use flash seriously?


      Thank you