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    Premiere CC uses RAM to the point of Audio not playing in playback on timeline




      I have been using Premiere CS6 and CC for some time now with this problem.

      I have a Mac OSX ML MPB and MacPro (Hackingtosh) with the same problem.


      Whenver on the timeline I playback audio. It will cut off (audio meters also indicate zero) after playing back for a minute or two.

      I have iStat which indicates that Premiere is using my memory till it reaches nearly zero, thus cutting off the audio. When I stop the audio, the free memory slowly gets restored.


      I have 32GB on my hackingosh, and 8GB on my MPB 2010.

      Total free memory when stops playing on my hackingtosh is at 12GB.


      Premiere has 26GB allocated to CC products. No other CC products are opened except Premiere.


      Could anyone have a solution or answer to this problem?