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    Exporting to Word

      I want to export my help file to MS Word for editing/changing into another language and then re-importing back into the source to generate the help (.chm) file. Can this be done?

      I have tried doing a single source layout to word, but some topics seem to be missing. Why is that?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          I guess the short answer is that it can be done. Whether or not it is the best way I will leave to people with more knowledge of translations. You haven't really posted this in the best forum as the first part of your problem would be better under General Discussion. It is also important to mention whether you are using RoboHelp HTML or for Word. The answer depends on which one.

          As to the missing topics, are they all shown in the right hand pane of the wizard but not printing? Unless they are in the right pane, they will not print. There's a topic on my site about printing if you are using RoboHelp HTML.