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    Batch Actions out of Bridge CC

    Fur Family Photography

      Hello. I noticed that the Tools--Photoshop--Batch Actions is completely gone from Bridge CC. Where/How do you batch action files out of bridge? That was one of my most used tools in Bridge and will be very unhappy if it is gone. Please HELP!!

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          Romsinha Adobe Employee

          Moving discussion to Bridge forum.

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            David Cardillo Level 1

            to _where_ in the Bridge forum?


            without a link, that is useless to those of us finding this thread through a search

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              gary_sc Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Fur,


              I was going through some old unanswered questions and found this.


              Bridge CC did not remove Tools nor Batch... and this is quite a problem of Bridge, rather it's an issue of Bridge not receiving or not seeing the controls from Photoshop.


              There are several different possible causes with some possible support:


              1) Deleting all of Bridge's prefs and all using the handful start: hold down Command+Option+Shift and then start Bridge. Then you can release the keyboard. You will see a window giving you the option to "Reset Preferences." Check that and continue.


              2) if that didn't work, try removing and reinstalling PS. The reason here is that it's PS that needs to put the controls into Bridge and it's possible for this to not happen.


              Let us know if either of these works.


              Good luck