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    Premiere Pro CC is corrupting our source media

    Jyra FIlms

      Premiere Pro CC is corrupting our source media.


      Clips are beginning to show single frames that are glitched (Example below). I ignored this issue at first because I thought that this was a playback issue only inside Premiere but the glitch is now showing on our source media.

      Before editing, we back up all of our footage. I checked the exact clips from the original backups and the glitches are not there.


      This has occured on 6 different clips in 4 different projects with 4 different media sources (2 portable UBB3 harddrives and 2 SAN media volumes).


      This is extremely serious. If we had not had original backups of our footage, those clips would be lost.




      The glitch seems to have removed saturation and shifted the picture to the left only on the bottom 9/10s of the frame. In other occurances, the glitch looks much worse. For example one other clip had a frame in which the bottom half of the picture was entirely white noise. That clip was an Interview.



      Is anyone else experiencing this?