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    How to display options that I marked as error after "mark responses w/ this choice as errors" prompt


      I have created a form to sign up volunteers for many assignments. Once an assignment was full, I didn't want it to appear as an option to select from any longer (so I would not have, for example, 4 volunteers signed up for a 1 man job).


      When I went to delete the assignment from the form, I was prompted, "Deleting this choice will impact responses. You can either clear the choice or mark responses with this choice as errors." I opted to make the choice as an error.


      Now, after the form has been open for several weeks and I have collected a number of responsed (hence, made a number of assignments) I've been asked to get 2 volunteers for most assignments (I was only getting 1 volunteer per assignment initally). I now need to reopen/re-display all of the assignments that I marked as an error but they are no longer visable on my form.


      Can I bring them back? If so, how?


      If not, should I just re-create the option on my questionnaire?