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    Flex plug-in and Internet Explorer

    Ugo Ducharme Level 1
      My first project with flex is a banner manager system. I wrote a simple Flex program that uses SOAP to query a WebApp to know which banner to display. On our web site we use this program extensively and on our home page; this single program is run six times at once (to display six different banners).

      The problem is that, on IE, our home page sometimes does not render completely. The page would be partially rendered event though the HTML is completely downloaded. We figured that the problem is on the client side but we can’t nail it down.

      Since this problem occurs only on occasion, it feels like it is a race condition. How can we avoid it? Do you have any other explanation on why it would happen?
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          Garyl Woolworth Level 1
          Since you say it happens on the client side I would try and check versions of things, IE versions, Windows SP versions, Flash player versions specifically. Does it happen in Firefox or is this IE specific? If it is IE specific then there is most likely either CSS issue with the SWF or the IE Flash Player may be to low to correctly display your swf. I would try nailing down a few more specifics before really suggesting what the culprit is.
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            Ugo Ducharme Level 1
            We use IE 6.0.29 on Windows XP Professional. Yes, this problem only occurs on IE. I striped down the program to find which part of the program seems to be the problem and I found that the problem occurs when the program call the WebService. It feels like IE is mixed up with its connection pool and simply stop everything it's doing.

            Anyone knows if I can get around this bug?

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              Garyl Woolworth Level 1
              Hmm well two things I might suggest.

              a) Take away all the banners except for one and increment them until you see it break which should give you some idea of if it truly is getting confused. The other thing I might suggest is try adding a unique id to your query through SOAP that you could generate by a random function or current data/time. This way you don't have 6 instances of the same application all hitting the same URL's via SOAP all with the same result handlers. I have limited experience with soap seeing as how I generally use RemoteObject but those would be the two things that come to mind.
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                Ugo Ducharme Level 1
                Thanks Kaotic101 for your suggestions but it didn't resolve my problem. There really is something about having multiple flash plugin running at the same time, I don't know if the problem only occurs when we have multiple instance of the same program or simply multiple Flex application running but IE really to rendering its HTML tags and some of the Flex program stop executing.

                Shall I flag this has a bug?
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                  peterent Level 2
                  Try posting this question in the Flash Player forum - it doesn't appear to me to be a Flex problem.