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    Gray object is set to overprint

    PacosMother Level 1

      When I try to run the preflight on a PDF/X-4: 2008 I get a warning/error message that a "Gray object (black below 96%) is set to overprint (l match on 1 page).  This has been a recurring error even though the paragraph style (picture caption) and font in question were set for 100% Black (CMYK). I thought it was a glitch with the font, so I changed that font to a new one, different size (but maintaining the same physical size on the page so I wouldn't have to readjust every page.) I assumed (hoped) that when the original font was no longer embedded in the file, the error would disappear. NOPE! It just changed the font that the error is related to, abandoning the caption font and identifying a font in a size that is not on the page as the culprit. The main text on the page is Georgia, size 11. There is no size 10 anywhere on the page. I have checked the text letter by letter and find no Georgia, size 10. Nor can I find any letters in the text that are less than 100% black. It appears that the error is determined to remain even though it points to absolutely nothing in the file. Can I assume that this will not cause the printer to reject the file when it is submitted for online, digital printing?