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    Zoom and rotate in on an image?


      Hello!  I'm trying to do a transition effect which I thought was a simple concept, but I'm running into a wall trying to accomplish it.  I have a still frame from a video placed on top of another clip, and I want to zoom into that image so it fills the whole screen.  The problem is, the still frame is at an angle, and for the life of me I can't get it to zoom in to fit the whole screen well.  I've tried all combinations of the "motion," "transform," "corner pin," and "basic 3D" effects, but the resulting image is always very skewed and doesn't look right.


      I essentially want a "corner pin" effect that would allow me to select my own "corners" and drag them accordingly (think multitouch zoom on a smart phone).  I'm on a really tight deadline and need to figure something out for this soon, so any help would be greatly appreciated.