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    Blur top and bottom when exporting to Mpeg2


      Hey guys, will be glad if you could help me.

      I shot some video at 1080P I've edited it on 720 P project (resuzed the shots) and now I want to export to Mpeg 2.

      As far as i know, if I'm exporting 16:9 to 4:3 the image will be stretched, cropped or fit to scale and will be with black bars at the top and bottom.

      After I've exported from Premiere I got the video with blurred top and bottom.

      I added captures of one frame and my export settings. Glad if someone could help me (hope im not doing things wrong).


      ** sorry for any English mistakes. 1147957_10151818019333766_1703234400_n.jpg1232825_10151818046673766_1022103188_n.jpg1290027_10151818046448766_1632766696_n.jpg